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As devices grow ever smaller, it is necessary for components to shrink as well. Terminating microconnectors and wires becomes increasingly challenging as a result Molex has created products to meet the smallest of environments. The demands that are put on modern devices means speed, size, and connectivity become all the more important. Molex can help.

Microminiature solutions were initially designed for consumer handheld devices but are now used in applications across many industries. Furthermore, engineers are looking for new ways to usetechnology to reach and engage with end users. This means new application features and modularity making it easier for you to scale your design. With options from board to board connectors, to the latest I/O protocol, or antennas, it's easy to design-in Molex.

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Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors - Super Fine Pitch Connectors

Easy-On FFC/FPC Connectors - Super Fine Pitch Connector

  • Intelligent Design: Eliminates the need for additional top and bottom mount versions and easy-on actuator for simple cable insertion
  • Variety of Options: Multiple cable-tab and actuator-locking styles and ZIF and LIF options for repeat cycling with minimum wear
  • Secure: Movable terminals for more secure retention and robust solder tabs for a better PCB connection

SlimStack Connectors

SlimStack Connectors
  • Wide variety of height and circuit sizes
  • Low profile: space saving and high PWB design flexibility
  • Dual contact design: provides electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Wide alignment guides: allows for easy mating
  • Contact locks: provides an audible "click" to ensure a secure mating

SlimStack Connectors

Wide selection of low-profile, narrow width options in various stack heights and circuit sizes for space savings and design flexibility.

USB-C Connectors: Power, Signal & Speed

Solution for both power and data in one connection with super-fast data up to 10 Gbit/s.

USB-C Connectors - Power, Signal, Speed

SD and Sim Card Connectivity

Get reliable, high speed data transfer with Molex’s compact, easy-to-use SD and SIM memory card sockets.

SD and Sim Card Connectivity
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