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Floor Cleaning

Whether you’re a professional or diy’er it’s important to keep your floor clean, with a range of floor cleaning solutions. RS Components has a large range of floor cleaners and the required equipment to clean your floor thoroughly and effectively.

Cleaning Hard Floors

Both indoor and outdoor floors can be kept clean from germs, dust and debris through brushes, brooms and mops. Removing grease or to just disinfect the floor can be coupled with an appropriate surface cleaner or disinfectant cleaner more effectively. Removing algae from a patio or stone for example can be brushed first with a hard-bristled broom to remove loose debris, then a surface cleaner can provide a deeper clean.

If you have a larger area to clean or disinfect, then a floor scrubber with floor cleaning products can be a great addition. High-traffic areas can provide a buildup of dirt, grime and germs, so using a scrubber will make light work of this. This scrubber will clean the surface and then dry to ensure a safe surface to be walked on, eliminating any associated safety risks of wet floors.

Cleaning Soft Floors

Its not just hard floors that require cleaning, carpeted floors also need to be free from germs and dirt. Specialised carpet cleaners are generally used, coupled with a floor cleaner on carpets ensures a deep clean of the surface and similar floor surfaces.

Vacuum cleaners are also a great way to remove surface dirt and debris quickly. In addition to the cleaner various attachments allow you to get into hard to reach areas to ensure the entire surface is clean.

Which is the best hard floor cleaner?

The traditional method of a bucket and mop can still be utilised, however more a more efficient floor scrubber or hard floor cleaner will ensure the surface is clean with no safety risks of a wet floor. The Kärcher TradePro Pro BR 400 has the same profile as an upright vacuum cleaner but cleans and dries the floor in one pass. If you need a large area cleaned quickly then the Kärcher BR 400 is a great option.