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    Buckets are normally open topped containers complete with a handle used for carrying various materials and liquids. There is a bucket to suit every application as buckets are available in various shapes, sizes, capacity and colour.You would normally use a bucket for carrying water though they are used for commercial and industrial purposes. Buckets are also used as containers within the shipping industry, transporting chemicals and industrial products. Mop buckets which are used along with a mop and have wheels or castors attached to the bucket making it easier to move around. Especially useful if you have large area to clean you can easily move the bucket as you go from area to area.

    What are buckets made from?

    Buckets are available in various materials to suit your everyday need and there are four main materials.• Galvanised steel• Flexible plastic• Rigid plastic• Polypropylene

    Ranges of buckets are extra strong and are made to carry boiling water, strong chemicals and detergents.

    Can I buy a bucket with a lid?

    Some buckets are supplied with lids. Important if cross contamination is possible. Important until the contents are disposed of. An example is a charging bucket used within health care.

    Types of buckets available.

    Standard bucket - cleaning, general purposeEasy pour buckets with a spoutBuilders bucketPlasterers bucketIndustrial steel bucketsBato buckets (used in horticulture)Charging buckets (health care)Trug – multiple use – animal feed buckets, large capacity.

    Buckets are normally round in shape and are also available with a flat side for easy storage. Especially useful where storage space is limited.

    Is the colour of a Bucket important?

    The colour of a bucket can be important especially when a bucket has a specific use. Important if cross contamination is an issue also if a bucket is to contain chemicals, detergents or corrosive material. For example, if within a hospital environment a bucket is used to carry needles and the rule is all buckets that carry needles are “red” and floor buckets are “blue”, staff know the specific use for that bucket.

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