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    Mechanical Power Transmission

    Mechanical power transmission describes the movement of mechanical power from one part of a machine to another. It can also refer to the shifting of the direction of kinetic energy that occurs in rotation. To transmit power from one machine to another, a machine performs mechanical power transmission using different components such as electric actuators, power transmission couplings, lead screw balls, ball screws, ball splines, gears, racks, belts, pulleys, roller chains and accessories.

    Why do we need Mechanical Power Transmission?

    Electrical & Mechanical Power Transmissions are vital for any engineering product design. The ability to transmit power in the right form, direction and magnitude is important to ensure that electrical components actually work. To ensure that a project meets its requirements, designers create the right system with efficient design.

    Mechanical power transmission is used for the following reasons;

    • Mechanical power transmission is a very efficient way to transfer mechanical energy.
    • It has a high efficiency in terms of friction.
    • Mechanical power transmission equipment will be able to convert mechanical energy from one form to another, such as transferring it from the electric motor to the rotating shaft of a conventional engine.
    • Mechanical transmission systems have many advantages such as low maintenance cost, long service life and fewer expensive parts like gears, etc, compared to electrical transmission systems.
    • Also, mechanical power transmission products offer an effective means of distributing energy quickly in line with demand as well as accurately due to its superior control over line speed.

    Types of Mechanical Power Transmission Elements

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