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    Office Supplies

    Office supplies are a necessity for any office. Supply cupboards will always need to be restocked with pens and pencils, paper, envelopes or various other types of stationery.

    Looking for fun, cool office supplies that fit your company's upbeat personality? Or perhaps something more custom made for your unique start-up business? From functional to modern to cute, RS has a broad range of commercial office supplies for you to select from. Choose RS as your supplier of office equipment. Ranging from audio equipment, whiteboards and even full-sized office furniture. Our office furniture and equipment is also designed in a variety of styles and materials, so whether you're going for a chic industrial look or a warm rustic ambience, we have something for you. Shop office supplies online from RS now.

    What Are Some Examples of Essential Office Supplies?

    Essential items which are used every day in an office cover a wide range. Ruling out other highly essential equipment, such as computers and other technology. Some examples of the basic supplies offices will need are:

    Office Stationery Products - Writing and drawing supplies include pens, pencils, highlighters and clipboards. Paper and consumables include sticky notes, staples, notepads, and paperclips.

    Office Furniture - Having the right workspace can optimise the way your team works. Spacious desks, ergonomic office chairs, back supports and other types of furniture can ensure your employees are able to sit comfortably over long periods. Laptop and PC stands allow you to place laptops and computers at ideal heights to avoid back or neck strains and promote good posture.

    Filing Products- To keep your office and workspaces organised with file documents systematically with archive boxes, ring binders and file dividers.

    Desk Organisation - Ensure your desks are tidy and organised, with office products like letter trays, document holders and cable tidies.

    Whiteboards and Notice Boards - For planning and brainstorming, materials like whiteboards, notice boards, flipcharts and wall planners are essential. Purchase the full kit of office accessories like whiteboard magnets, whiteboard pens and erasers.

    Additional Office Supplies

    To suit the needs of our customers we provide various non-essential items within our office supplies area. As an example, some of the alternative office equipment we provide are:

    • Back supports, foot rests and other health and safety products
    • Shredders and guillotines
    • Speakers, microphones and flip charts, perfect as office presentation equipment
    • Clocks and timers
    • Packaging materials

    With such a variety of products available within our offer, not only can offices be supplied with quality items. Warehouses and factories can also thrive with many accessories and suitable equipment for every day use.

    Why Choose RS for Office Supplies?

    As a company that thrives on giving great customer service, the office supplies we can offer at competitive prices rank us highly for business solutions. Whether that's paper, pens, printers or office furniture, our wide range of equipment complete with flexible delivery options, such as next-day delivery ensures that we can truly provide a great customer experience.