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    Vacuum Cleaner Parts

    Vacuum cleaning is an essential, versatile cleaning process that can be used across all floor types, including carpet, linoleum, tile and wooden floors, to pick up small pieces of loose debris and remove dust. However, it's important that you have all of the appropriate cleaning parts for each job to ensure you achieve optimum results and prevent damage.

    At RS, we have a curated range of genuine vacuum cleaner parts available to help keep your vacuum cleaner in the best working order, from filters and accessory kits to vacuum bags in packs of two, five, or ten. We have products from many leading brands, including Bosch, DeWALT, Karcher, Festo and Starmix, as well as our own professional brand, RS PRO.

    Vacuum Cleaner Parts

    Vacuum Filters - filters capture particulates that are vacuumed, ensuring they do not recirculate into the room. This is particularly important for the fine, smaller particulates which may cause harm or irritation to asthmatic people. HEPA filters can be fitted to ensure that 100% of the particles are kept within the vacuum.

    Vacuum Nozzles - there are several designs of vacuum nozzles for when you need to be more detailed with your cleaning. An additional nozzle in the right shape can be attached to the vacuum's hose to help you get into those narrower or harder-to-reach areas where dust can build up.

    Vacuum Brushes - similar to nozzles, vacuum brushes are used in addition to the vacuum itself, with the bristles providing a cushion between the vacuum and the surface to prevent damage. They can used on delicate surfaces or can be used to help remove dry, stubborn dirt from floors. Both rotating, motorised brushes or finer detailing brushes can be used as an attachment depending on your requirements.

    Vacuum Bags - for models of vacuums that use bags to collect the debris, it's important to frequently check and replace the bag in order to keep your vacuum at its optimum performance. A full vacuum bag can affect the suction power of the vacuum, and so it is important to remain vigilant over the capacity of your vacuum while you work. RS offers disposable and reusable vacuum bags.

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