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    Milling & Lathing

    Milling and lathing are methods of engineering processing raw materials including cutting, shaping drilling or boring metal parts. The main difference between these 2 processes is the way lathing and milling machines work. Lathing machines spin material on the chuck while cutting tools cut required sizes and shapes. Lathing machines are designed to work mostly with cylindrical parts.

    In opposite to lathing machines, Milling machines instead of turning material on the chuck, spin the cutting tool such as end mills and drills to cut material and shape the desired part. Milling machines are more versatile then lathing machines as they can be used to machine flat surfaces and irregular surfaces.

    What is required to lathe or mill using machines?

    Lathing, turning or milling machines require a number of accessories for proper operations such as:

    • Dovetail Cutters
    • End Mills
    • Face Mills
    • Lathe Chucks & Centres
    • Lathe Tool Holders & Inserts
    • Lathe Tools & Kits
    • Milling Inserts
    • Router Bits
    • Slot Drills
    • Square Shoulder Cutters
    • Woodruff Cutters