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    Arm & Knee Protection

    Arm and Knee protection come under the umbrella Personal Protective Equipment & Workwear. It is a crucial part of daily protection in some workplaces; designed to protect the arms and knees of users and allow for tasks to be carried out safely and effectively. Under the PPE at work regulations 1992, employers have a legal duty to provide suitable workplace safety equipment available to employees. For more on PPE Work Regulations, please see our PPE: A complete Guide to Legislation and Equipment.

    Our range includes Arm Protectors, Knee & Kneeling Pads from trusted brands such as 3M, DeWALT, HexArmor, Irwin, Scruffs and our very own quality brand RS PRO, supplying leading protection that meet the required safety standards across several industries. Browse our full range arm & knee protection gear below.

    What are the types of Arm & Knee protection?

    At RS, we understand the importance for employers to provide quality Arm & Knee protection equipment to employees, and stock a variety of arm and knee protection equipment, ensuring safety requirements are met.

    Arm Protectors–usually cover the entire arm or part of the arm are commonly used to protect users from substances or conditions that may pose a risk to the user's arm, usually chemicals, abrasions, extreme temperatures and sharp objects. They're available as reusable or disposable types in a choice of materials, colours, sizes and material properties with different levels of protection.

    Knee Pads – typically pads that use an adjustable strap secured around the knee/leg or adding inserts to work trousers. These commonly are used to protect from hard surfaces and chaffing, for those who require to kneel during working environments. They're available in different knee cap materials such as gel, foam, ABS plastic. Polyethene and many more variations, and different colours but commonly, come in one size.

    Kneeling Pads–Similarly to knee pads, kneeling pads protect the knees of the user from cushioning the impact of the surface but in the form of a mat. Typically, protecting against dirt, hard surfaces, sharp objects and rough surfaces. They're available in various sizes and material and provide versatility as it allows the user to move the pad/mat around.