Kneeling Pads

When it comes to personal protection at the workplace, the knee is often overlooked but it is essential to protect the knees with the correct support, this can be in the form of kneeling pads or sometimes known as kneeling mats.

Those that are required to kneel a lot or put pressure on their knees for lengthy periods of time during their working occupation can lead to short and long-term distress and risk knee injuries and disease without accurate knee protection. It is recommended that knee protection is worn or placed for all tasks carried out that require kneeling.

Kneeling Pads are made to be hard-wearing, comfortable and cushioning the impact to the knees when kneeling, protecting from dirt, sharp objects, hard and rough surfaces. Kneeling pads can be used across various applications where kneeling is required and is usually a cheaper alternative to knee pads.

How do kneeling pads work?

Kneeling pads are designed to be used when kneeling, usually when the knee makes regular contact with the floor. They are durable, light-weight and versatile allowing the user to move the mat around and usually made from a type of foam, rubber or polyurethane, enabling the user to easily place on the floor, under their knees for comfort, protection and reduce the stress on knees.

By using a kneeling pad like the one in the RS range, it provides immediate short-term comfort for the user by avoiding having to kneel on hard or dirty surfaces but can reduce the risk of long term damage, discomfort and pain. For pre-existing knee injuries or problems, a kneeling mat can make all the difference.

Kneeling pads come in different forms and features, with many having anti-fatigue benefits to help with the knee stress and blood circulation, resistance to chemical, stain and tearing, anti-slip features to keep the user steady when carrying out tasks and many being waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Typical applications for using a kneeling pad

  • Construction

  • Automotive

  • Carpet fitters

  • Gardening

  • Sports / Exercise

  • DIY

  • Plumbers

  • Maintenance engineers

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Description Price Material Resistant To Type Dimensions Colour
RS Stock No. 154-867
Polyurethane Tear, Water Kneeling/Sitting 24 x 44 x 3cm Black
RS Stock No. 184-5946
EVA Stain, Tear Kneeling 40 x 18.5 x 2cm Black
RS Stock No. 872-5693
Mfr. Part No.KS010001
Nitrile Rubber Chemical , Oil Kneeling 52 x 34.5 x 2.5cm Black
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