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    Ladders & Steps

    Our extensive range of ladders and steps are perfect for all tasks that require the user to reach a certain height. Suitable for builders, painters, decorators, DIY-lovers and trade use, buy any of our ladders online that are designed to offer safety for users.

    Browse all types of ladders from our own brand range, RS PRO, as well as industry-leading ladder suppliers such as Zarges.

    Different Types of Ladders and Steps

    Extension ladders - easy to transport and store using as little space as possible due to the extendable sections that lock in place to provide extra height quickly. Most of our extension ladders consist of 2 - 3 sections and have slip-resistant feet.

    Stair ladders - offer a flexible way to access hard to reach areas where the floor may be across different levels and heights. These are also known as combination ladders and are a great multi-purpose choice.

    Step ladders - have a sturdy folding A-frame design that offers stability, whilst non-slip treads or handrails make this ladder easier to climb and provide further safety for users.

    Telescopic ladders - great alternatives to extension ladders, step ladders and even loft ladders with similar functionality. Their compact and collapsible design makes for easy transportation and storage. The ladder extends to the desired height by each section overlapping, offering rung by rung height adjustment, then locking into place with an automatic lock mechanism. For added safety, these telescopic ladders have anti-slip feet and rungs.

    Scaffolding and work platforms - designed to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.

    Step and ladder accessories - a range of accessories such as roof rack clamps, ladder mats, ladder stoppers, safety legs and carry bags are available.