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    Lighting Components

    Our range of lighting components and accessories include products that can be used to repair, replace or upgrade your existing fittings to a more energy-efficient solution. Products include wireless, presence and daylight controls as well as passive infra-red (PIR) and microwave detectors. Our collection of lighting components and accessories are supplied by leading manufacturers like Tridonic, BJB, Venture plus RS Pro.

    What are wireless lighting controllers?

    Wireless controls allow lighting to be dimmed and turned on or off without interacting with a switch on the wall. They’re used in homes, enabling you to dim the lights or turn them on or off remotely.

    What are presence and daylight lighting controllers?

    Presence and daylight controls use sensors to detect their surrounding which can be a useful energy saving component. Presence controls are also often used for security as their ability to sense motion can alert people to intruders when used in conjunction with burglar alarms. Daylight controls are self-adjusting due to a light-sensitive sensor and can be used both indoors and outdoors; they’re extremely useful at providing supplementary light in conditions of poor visibility.

    What are PIR controllers?

    PIR detectors are commonly used in motion detectors. These detect infrared radiation in the environment such as that resulting from body heat, and turn lights on or off

    What other components do we offer?

    We offer a selection of lighting components and accessories that work both indoors and out.

    We stock different styles of lamp bases in many different styles and materials to give a solid base to your lamp fixtures and improve your lighting.

    Our wide range of lamp bases are compatible with:

    • Edison screw (E14, E27)
    • LED
    • Bayonet (B15, B22)
    • GU4 / GU5.3 / GU10 fittings
    • Other bulbs including LED and Filament bulbs

    Some are designed to work with heat lamps for industrial use.

    We also carry many light fixings for wall lights, pendants, luminaire lights, and many other types as well as accessories including ceiling roses, light covers, and light reflectors