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    AV Cables

    AV simply stands for audio and video cable. Of course, these cables are more popular or common than you must be imagining. For instance, it can be connected from a DVD, gaming console decoder to your television or even home theatre system. Before you can get value for money, it is always very crucial to understand what AV cables are. This is because there are different types available in the market which you can take advantage of.

    There is no need to be worried though. This is because you have come to the right place. Our goal is not just to sell you Audio and video cables. In addition to such, we also want you to understand their features and functionalities. Find out more below.

    How AV Cables Work

    The first thing to know about Audio and video cables is that they are great when it comes to connecting audiovisual devices/appliances. Just as said above, these cables are usually of different categories. It all depends on how many sound channels, control signals and video channels. Using these cables, it becomes easier to have display sources connected to your TV. In such instance, the display unit or source is responsible for decoding the signal. With an AV cable, it will then be transmitted to your television.

    These cables or wires have been built to transmit both video and audio signals. The only thing you should know is how it can be connected the right way for ultimate experience while using your television. The truth is that without Audio and video cables, blue-ray players, DVDs, VCRs and other electronic devices will be useless.

    A popular av cable is the one with a single jack on one end. This is supposed to be connected to your display source like decoder, video game, or sound system. On the other end, there will be 3 jacks - white, black and red. These are meant to be connected to your television. Please take note because each of these jacks has its own specific function. For instance, the white jack is responsible for delivering video signals. For sound signals, such is the role of the red and yellow jack.

    The best part is that connecting an Audio video cable the right way doesn't require you to have any special knowledge or experience. For instance, the wires are color-coded. All you have to do is ensure they match the right hole in your TV. Connect the white, yellow and red jacks in their respective holes for better signals. Even if you are using an Av adapter, this is very important.

    Types of AV Cables You Must Know

    If you are planning to purchase an av cable, there are different types to choose from. Lacking such awareness or knowledge can make you choose the wrong one. Some of them are:

    Composite AV Wire

    This is the first set of AV cables that hit the market. It has become less popular in recent times due to not being able to transmit HD signals. However, they can still be used on DVD players, cable boxes and gaming consoles.

    S-Video AV Wire

    With this cable, video signals can be divided or categorized into two sections. As compared to composite mentioned above, the images or picture quality is of higher quality.

    We have got different kinds of av cables for your use. These could be Coaxial, S-Video, Composite AV wire, VGA/DVI AV wire, HDMI AV Cables, composite and S-Video av cables. Feel free to contact us for more information.