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    Antennas are devices used for the transmission of radio waves, for television, radio, mobile phones and other equipment. RS offer a great range of products that can be used for a wide range of applications.

    GPS Antennas

    GPS antennas can receive and/ or expand the distance of RF (radio frequency) signals from GPS satellites. The antennas then convert the frequencies into electronic signals, so they can be used with GPS receivers.

    GSM & GRPS Antennas

    GSM Antennas are optimised for the transmission and receiving of radio signals across the various mobile communication bands. GSM Antennas are often used with a GSM and GPRS Modem or an RF Module to connect remote equipment back to a central server.

    Multi-Band Antennas

    Multi-band antennas are designed to work within more than one frequency band. The antennas have an active part for specific frequencies and the other active part for alternative bands. Multi-band antennas can be used on VHF and UHF frequencies.

    RFID Antennas

    or Radio Frequency Identification Antennas are used for wireless systems. RIFD antennas transmit power to RFID tags and receive the data back from the triggered tags. RFID antennas are controlled by the RFID reader.

    SMT Antennas

    SMT antennas are specifically designed to be mounted onto a PCB board. SMT antennas radiate high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Compact in design SMT antennas work exactly like a normal antenna but usually have a limited range.

    Telemetry Antennas

    Used to record and transmit data from remote sources back to IT systems. Telemetry antennas are used along with transmitters and receivers in a wide range of applications across many industries.

    WiFi Antennas

    These antennas are designed to pick up the wireless network radio transmissions that are broadcast from devices including mobile phones, laptops and routers. WiFi antennas are used for the enhancement of signals and can give you better range and performance.