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    Multi-Band Antennas

    Multi band antennas are devices designed to operate in more than one frequency band. They're designed to have one part active for a specific frequency band and another part active for an alternative frequency band. Multi band antennas are larger in size than single band antennas to accommodate the variety of bands located on the antenna.

    What are multi-band antennas use for?

    Multi band antennas are designed to operate on several bands, for example, at both VHF high band and UHF. They're also used for cellular, 4G, 3G, 2G and Wi-Fi frequencies and are suitable for any application where there is a device connected to the internet or a network. Multi band antennas allow various groups of their operating frequencies to be selected electronically.

    Types of multi-band antennas

    Many types of multi-band antennas are available:

    • Outdoor antennas are waterproof, UV proof and omnidirectional.
    • Dipole antennas have two identical conductive elements such as metal wires or rods to enable frequency resonance.
    • Beam antennas receive or radiate a signal in specific directions.
    • Loop antennas have a coil of wire or loop tubing to receive a balanced signal or load.
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