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    Fuse Holders & Accessories

    We offer a superb range of fuse holders and accessories for domestic and commercial use from a range of brands including Schurter, Littelfuse, Cooper Bussmann and Mersen.

    What is a fuse holder?

    A fuse holder is a casing or housing into which fuses are inserted, simply to hold the fuse in place in order to fulfill its function. They come in many shapes, colours and sizes depending on where they need to be installed.

    What types of fuse holder are available?

    You will find the following types on the site:

    • Base mount: enables the base of the holder to be attached to something with holes for screws
    • Bottle fuse: a holder for cylindrical bottle fuses, usually with a cap to complete the circuit
    • Inline: a housing for a fuse in a wire or cable, usually for safety purposes
    • Panel mount: another housing with a screw cap that can be mounted into a panel for easy access to the fuse
    • Rail mount: a holder that contains fuses that are slotted into sets with metal contacts

    We also stock fuse blocks, clips, switches and covers as well as PCB mounts and other types of accessories.

    Why do fuse holders melt?

    A fuse holder making poor contact with a fuse can be the cause of this, that is if the fuse has not blown. Current flowing through the electrical circuit, below the fuse's rating, will cause heat from the resistance. This can generate enough heat to cause the fuse holder to melt. It may not be immediate and can happen suddenly after installation.

    How do I clean a fuse holder?

    • Ideally wear gloves, either rubber or plastic
    • Ensure the mains power is off and there are no live wires
    • Use a dry cloth or toothbrush to clean the connector springs
    • A small piece of emery cloth wrapped around a screwdriver can be used to scrub the inside of the fuse holder itself
    • Use a small paintbrush to apply lubricant to all areas of the fuse holder once cleaned