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We offer a comprehensive range of food and beverage
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By offering a comprehensive range of products covering the key technologies.

Reacting quickly to accidental spills and leaks can help reduce hygiene risks and potential downtime.
Solution: Spill Kits
RS has range of spill kits which can be located close to potential accident ‘hot spots’ in dairy or beverage manufacturing sites to help staff react to unforeseen spills. This prevents a single incident becoming a major clean-up operation potentially stopping production.

Energy management
Knowing how much electrical energy is used by different parts of your process will enable energy efficiency measures to be implemented.
Solution: Local Power Monitoring
RS has a range of kWh meters and power meters which can be easily retro-fitted to provide a local indication of power usage. The range includes a variety of capabilities from simple local kwH measurement to power factor and ThD monitoring as well as full Ethernet remote data access.

Reduce downtime
Many sensing products are exposed to intense cleaning regimes or have the potential for direct food contact and the right choice of product can affect its performance and reliability.
Solution: F&B focused sensing products
RS has a wide selection of products which have IP67/69K (high pressure wash down) protection and/or stainless steel bodies which offer enhanced protection and reliability within wash down environments. Some sensing products offer ECOLAB approval for increased confidence in food manufacturing applications.

Legislation Compliance
Maintaining compliance with the current COSHH requirements and food safety guidelines can be challenging.
Solution: COSHH guidance & approved cleaners
RS stocks a range of ‘Food safe’ NSF approved cleaners and lubricants suitable for use in food production environments, and can support with advice on current COSHH requirements and signage.

Food Industry Automation

Industrial automation in food and drink factory can make the difference between faliure and success.
Food industry need to be:
  • constantly monitored to prevent accident and contamination
  • compliance to local legislations
  • quickly reactive from one production batch to another
  • as fast as possible to allow the proper food processing

SICK Inspector Vision Sensors

Sick offers a powerful vision sensor portfolio providing a full tool set for inspection, positioning, measurement and reading depending on your needs.

The new Sick I40 Vision Sensor provides an intelligent vision solution in an easy to use sensor package. The vision sensor has features to solve inspection at high speed, incorporating locating and positioning tools as well as edge detection and pattern matching functions. All this at VGA resolution and storing data and images over standard communications protocols.
  • High-speed positioning, inspection and measurement
  • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
  • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
  • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
  • Easy-to-use operator interfacesFlexible machine and HMI design interfaces

Personal Safety for Food Production

3M Food and Beverage PPE

3M are known for their continuous innovation to keep workers safe in the Food and Beverage industry, including the latest hearing and respiratory protection and more besides.

- Read how 3M™ PELTOR™ Communications Headsets protect hearing whilst improving productivity
- Choose eyewear to protect you from air-borne particles, chemicals, UV light and solvents
- Select from disposable, reusable and powered-air respirators

Site Management and Sanitation

Ambersil, maintaining food safety behind the scene

Chemicals are critical for food industry. They are needed as well as in all other industries, but they are required to be Food Safe to prevent any possible contamination.
Being part of the global CRC Industries, Ambersil has a deep knowledge of the chemical industry and can therefore provide the right product for any specific application.
Ambersil has a wide range of chemicals with Food Production Safe approvals suitable for food and drinks factories.

Maintenance Tools and Consumables

Metal content cable ties the food solutions from HellermannTyton

The Metal Content Series from HellermannTyton is a cable tie specifically designed for use in the food & pharmaceutical processing industries.
Due to the inclusion of a metallic pigments even small 'cut-off' sections of the cable tie are detected by standard metal detecting equipment.
The  blue colour of the cable ties assists in the visual detection and greatly reduces the risk of contamination making them ideally for cable installation around food manufacturing process.

Added Value Services