Condition monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Avoid unplanned downtime with ST's predictive maintenance solutions

Electronic board with components

Condition Monitoring (CM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
Did you know unplanned downtime can cost manufacturing industries an estimated $50 billion per year? Did you also know that 42% of downtime is caused by equipment failure? Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions are one of the fastest growing techniques to identify machine deterioration and avoid unpredicted failure in harsh factory environments.

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STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node Development Kit

The STWIN (STEVAL-STWINKT1) Kit from STMicroelectronics is specifically designed for Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring applications. Key features of this core system board include high performance industrial grade MEMS sensors.
Based on ultra-low-power STM32 Arm® Cortex® M4 microcontrollers, the STWIN also supports Bluetooth-Low-Energy wireless connectivity with a built-in BLE module. Additionally, it features a dedicated tool chain and a rich set of software packages and optimized firmware libraries. Complimented with a cloud based dashboard application, the STWIN speeds up designed cycles for end-to-end solutions.

Compatible Expansion Boards Available:
Two compatible expansion boards are also available from STMicroelectronics. Introducing the STEVAL-STWINWFV1 Wi-Fi board and Analog Microphone Array board - the STEVAL-STWINKT1.

Block diagram of STEVAL-STWINKT1
The STWIN board is fully packed with components that enable sensing, processing, connectivity and security capabilities for advanced industrial IoT solutions.

Block Diagram
SensorTile Node Solution

Ask the Expert- MEMs Sensors and Predictive Maintenance

All things MEMS and Sensors with Andrea Onetti from STMicroelectronics. Listen in as the Group Vice President and General Manager of ST's Volume MEMS & Analog Division answers questions submitted by our DesignSpark community.

Unboxing the STWIN SensorTile

Kamilla takes a first look at the new SensorTile development kit for advanced industrial IoT applications from STMicroelectronics, the STWIN SensorTile. With industrial-grade onboard sensors, it’s ideal for the development of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.