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    Multimeters are devices that measure electrical values including voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms) in electrical components and circuits. Multimeters are essential equipment for any technician in the electrical or electronic industries that need to take measurements quickly and easily. Hand held digital multimeters (DMM) are also popular for use within the home. Bench multimeters are more suitable for the workshop and laboratory based enginners and technicians who need a reliable insturment for maintencance, test or repair tasks.

    If you are looking for a multimeter tester then we are sure to have the products for you. Our comprehensives range of meters have been chosen for their high-quality components and accuracy, sourced from leading brands such as: Aim-TTi, Amprobe, Beha-Amprobe, BK Precision, Chauvin Arnoux, FLIR, Fluke, Gossen Metrawatt, Keysight Technologies, RS PRO and many more. Browse our range today and find your ideal multimeter solution.

    Types of multimeters

    • Analogue multimeters
    • Digital multimeters

    Digital multimeters are more popular as they have the ability to measure with greater accuracy.

    What is a multimeter?

    The multimeters purpose is to check the electrical resistance within a circuit. They are available in two different types; analogue or digital. Within the device there are many testing applications that can be performed, no two multi-meters are the same and the functions can vary with the price so it's important to have a good quality multimeter with multiple functions if you are an electronic engineer and electrician. A diigital multimeter is a great tool for testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical circuits, components and devices.

    Typical checks performed

      AC or DC voltages
    • Resistance
    • Continuity of electrical components
    • Current in circuits
    • Some advance models may measure frequency and have True RMS voltage and current readings


    • Electronic testing
    • Domestic and industrial electrical wiring installation
    • Automotive servicing

    Why choose RS for multimeters?

    We support technicians and engineers with the latest high-quality multimeters and multimeter accessories. Our product range is easy to browse and supported with technical information to ensure you choose the right solution for your needs.

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