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    Punch & Die Kits

    Punch and die tools are a type of cutting equipment. You will be able to use this tool for forging and punching work. In most instances, you can see how punch and die sets are being used for metal processing work, where high heat is involved. Metal processing work requires a punch in the form of a pusher to act on top of the cutting workpiece. The die would be a secondary object, which is capable of punching the pushes in. These punches can eventually assist the die cut part of your workpiece to push down. As a result, the cutting edge would be located on top of the die.

    What exactly does a punch and die tool do?

    Punch and Die tools, combinations and kits are used for punching, forming, or cutting a large variety of materials. Materials such as sheet metal, mild steel, steel, paper, and plastic. These tools come in a wide choice of shapes such as circular or square and have different sizes and applications such as Machine, Lever Press, Hydraulic and hand. While keeping this in mind, you may take a look at the punch and die sets that are available for your purchase out there.Punch tooling has two parts; the punch is the piece which presses, cuts, or punches the material, whilst the die is on the opposite side of the workpiece and supports the material underneath and around the hole or shape perimeter. Clearance around the punch and die can vary depending on the thickness of the material being punched, so the thickness of the material needs to be considered when choosing the size of the punch and die. Punch and die kits are made out of different materials as well. Tungsten carbide is the most popular option out of them. Then you can find high speed steel as well.

    What are the different types of punch and die sets?

    When you are about to purchase a punch set or a punch tool, you will notice that there are numerous types available. Let's take a quick look at the different types of a punch and die tool that you can buy.PunchPunch is the pusher that acts on the cutting workpiece. It will assist the die to cut a piece of the workpiece, which is pushed down with the assistance of the punch. You can also find many types of punch tools available. Square punch tool and circular punch tool are the two most prominent options that you can see. Depending on your needs, you may settle down with the right type of punch tool out of them.Spline forming die/ Forming die Forming dies that you can find in a punch and die set can help you with forming and production after you complete the process of mounting to a press. You will be able to use these for forming different materials such as plastic and sheet metal.Forging dieThe forging die uses metal molding through the use of localized compressive forces. It is essential to use high temperature and high force in this process to end up with getting optimum results. After the industrial revolution, a massive demand for such forged products were created. You can find them in different strength levels as well.Buy your punch and die kit from RS todayRS offers a large range in metal hole punches, metal punches, rectangular punches, hole punches, dies and tools in a variety of sizes to meet your stamping, blanking, punching, forming, and cutting needs.

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