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    Crimp Tools

    A crimping tool, crimp tool, crimper, wire crimper or cable crimper is a hand tool used to crimp connectors onto wires or cables to create a secure and reliable electrical connection. Crimping tools consist of a pair of handles that operate the tool when squeezed together and jaws or dies with dedicated crimping profiles to hold the connector in place. Some tools have a ratchet crimping mechanism to maintain consistent crimping pressure and ensure the connector is fully crimped before the handles are released.

    RS Malaysia offers an extensive range of high-quality crimping tools such as hand crimping tools, hydraulic or pneumatic crimpers, crimping machines, and more. You can find leading crimper brands like TE Connectivity, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, and RS Pro, ensuring reliable connections and extended tool life.

    Types of Crimping Tool

    There are several types of crimping tools commonly seen on the market:

    • Mechanical Crimping Tools (Plier Crimping Tools): These are the most common type, handheld and manually operated.
    • Hydraulic Crimping Tools: These crimpers use hydraulic pressure to assist with crimping allowing them to be used on large cables and connectors.
    • Pneumatic Crimping Tools: Pneumatic crimping tools, including pneumatic wire and cable crimping machine, utilise compressed air to operate the crimping mechanism.
    • Crimping Machines: Crimping machines are designed to automatically crimp large volumes of wires for production lines.

    Some crimping tools are designed to crimp specific connector types such as Ferrule Crimpers, RJ45 Crimping Tools and BNC Crimp Tools. Other crimp tools use interchangeable dies or jaws to accommodate different connector types for added versatility. Learn more in our guide to crimp tools.

    Industrial Application of Crimping Tools

    Crimping tools are used in a wide range of industries including electrical, automotive, aerospace and telecommunications. They are essential in various industries for creating secure and reliable connections between wires, cables, and connectors. These tools ensure efficient electrical and mechanical performance, making them indispensable in numerous applications. Here are some key industries that utilise crimping tools:


    In the automotive industry, crimping tools are crucial for establishing robust electrical connections within vehicles. Hand crimp tools and crimping pliers are commonly used to connect wiring harnesses, battery terminals, and ignition systems. These tools ensure that the connections are durable and can withstand the vibrations and harsh conditions of automotive environments.


    Aerospace applications demand high-precision and reliable connections due to the critical nature of the systems involved. Mechanical crimping tools and pneumatic crimpers are frequently used to ensure secure connections in avionics, control systems, and communication equipment. The precision of these tools helps maintain the integrity and safety of aerospace components.


    In the electronics industry, crimping tools are used to assemble and repair electronic devices, circuit boards, and connectors. Wire crimping machines and hand crimp tools are essential for creating connections in small and delicate electronic components, ensuring minimal resistance and high conductivity.


    Telecommunications rely heavily on secure and efficient connections to maintain signal integrity and system performance. Cable crimping machines and plier crimping tools are used to terminate and splice cables for devices like ethernet network hubs, ensuring that connections remain stable and interference-free. These tools are vital for setting up and maintaining networks.


    In the utilities sector, crimping tools are used for connecting cables and wires in power distribution and control systems. Mechanical crimpers and pneumatic wire crimping machines are employed to handle the heavy-duty requirements of utility applications, providing strong and reliable connections for electrical grids and infrastructure.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tool Crimpers (FAQs)

    Why are crimp tools important?

    Crimp tools are important because they create secure, reliable connections between wires and connectors, ensuring efficient electrical and mechanical performance. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of various systems across different industries.

    Why is crimping better than soldering?

    Crimping is often preferred over soldering because it is faster, easier to reproduce consistently, and does not require high temperatures or potentially hazardous materials. Crimped connections also offer better mechanical strength and strain relief, making them more durable in many applications.

    Can I use pliers instead of a crimping tool?

    Using pliers instead of a crimping tool is not recommended. Pliers cannot apply the precise pressure needed for a secure crimp, which can lead to unreliable connections and potential failures. Hand crimp tools and crimping machines are specifically designed to create proper crimps for wires and cables with the right amount of force and accuracy.

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