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What is a Keyboard?A keyboard is defined as the set of typewriter-like keys that enables you to enter data into a computer or other devices. Computer keyboards are similar to electric-typewriter but contain additional typing keys. The standard layout of letters, numbers, and punctuation is known as QWERTY but can also come as AZERTY (French version) and QWERTZ.Most keyboards have numbers, letters, symbols, arrows but some also have a numeric keypad, functions like volume control, buttons to power down or sleep the device. Keyboards also come wired or wireless.What is a wireless connection compared to a wired connection?You can connect your keyboard to the computer via Bluetooth or an RF receiver compare to wired keyboards which connect to the motherboard via USB cable, using USB Type A connector. Laptops have an integrated keyboard, however, these are classed as wired since thats how they are connected to the computer. When it comes to tablets or phones with touch interfaces, these do not require physical keyboards, but these are equipped with USB receptacles where you can attach your external keyboard.What is a Computer Mouse?Computer Mouse is an input device that is used alongside a personal computer. Moving a mouse along a flat surface can move the on-screen cursor to different items on the screen. These also come wired or wireless.Difference between the wired & wireless computer mouseThe wired mouse is a big advantage for gamers. They do not present as many delays as wireless ones, and that is extremely important when precision is key. When using a wireless mouse you need to take into consideration nearby interference, which can make mouse movements choppy. Thats why while playing games, a wired mouse is a better option. Another advantage of the wired mouse is a price. These tend to be cheaper than wireless and they dont need batteries either.Wireless mouse is definitely more convenient. You do not need to worry about cables, they are portable and you can use them while in the meetings or presenting through the laptop. Wireless mouse can be used for your TV when you use it as a monitor and want to control it from the comfort of your sofa. It is easy to use when you want to use the same mouse on your laptop or computer whereas wired mice arent easy to unplug and unravel to move.Here at RS Components, we offer Keyboard and Mouse Sets tailored to your requirements.

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Description Price Model Wired/Wireless Keyboard Wired/Wireless Mouse Keyboard Type Keyboard Layout Normal Keys Multimedia Keys Built-In USB Hub Mouse Tracking Method Mouse Buttons Colour Keyboard Dimensions Keyboard Depth Keyboard Height
RS Stock No. 175-9904
Mfr. Part No.JD-0310EU
DW 8000 Wireless Wireless Standard QWERTY 103 5 No Optical 3 Silver 441 x 165 x 18mm 165mm 18mm
RS Stock No. 181-0467
Mfr. Part No.JD-0710EU-2
DW 3000 Wireless Wireless Standard QWERTY 104 4 No Optical 3 Black 458 x 170 x 20mm 170mm 20mm
RS Stock No. 125-0471
Mfr. Part No.JD-0800DE-2
DC 2000 Wired Wired Standard QWERTZ 105 4 No Optical 3 Black 458 x 170 x 20mm 170mm 20mm
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