Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sanders are hand held power tools for sanding, which vibrates in small circles or ’orbits’. Orbital sanders are popular tools with wood workers, cabinet makers and professional carpenters that are used to remove the finish from a piece of wood or to smooth a new project without leaving tell-tale swirl marks that other sanders can leave.

There are two main types of orbital sanders: sheet and random orbit.

Orbit sheet sanders – These sanders are easy to use and come with many features including dust elimination, electronic speed controls, various grip styles and low vibration. The sanders use standard sheet sandpaper, which is readily available.

Random orbital sander – These sanders work by sanding the work pieces in a random fashion. This provides a much smoother finish and won’t leave those common sanding spots that can be left from regular belt sanders. This is because it doesn’t rotate on a single consistent axis like a typical sander. The shaft spins and also oscillates off centre, creating a random scratch pattern, so it can be used without concern for the grain direction. It uses a circular sanding pad that’s typically 5 in. diameter.
Plier Sets
Plier Sets are multi-purpose hand tools, primarily for gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wire and cable.

How they work
• Pliers; rely on the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accuracy by opening and closing the levers together during application which multiplies force through leverage.

What materials are they made from
• Pliers; are typically machined from steel and the two handles precisely joined with a heavy-duty rivet that maintains the pliers' accuracy. Levers options include 1000 V insulated, bi-material or plastic sheath
Application Information
• Plier Sets are used by Mechanics, Electricians and Network Engineers.

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Description Price Orbit Size Pad Size Pad Grip Method Power Input Voltage Rating Plug Type Model Number
RS Stock No. 754-1873
Mfr. Part No.BP601
5mm 152mm Hook and Loop 224W - - BP601
RS Stock No. 754-1876
Mfr. Part No.BP610
2.5mm 152mm Hook and Loop 224W - - BP610
RS Stock No. 754-1892
Mfr. Part No.BP204
- 77mm Hook and Loop 250W - - BP204