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    Air Quality Monitors

    Whether you are working in a laboratory, factory, or office, or simply want to ensure that your home is pollutant-free, Air Quality Monitors are a vital tool for measuring the condition of the air around you.

    Air Quality Monitors (also known as pollution monitors) are devices that are used to accurately check the quality of indoor and outdoor air. Many monitors provide an alert when air quality reaches unsafe levels due to harmful gases and particles. Some models can also store measurement scores and transfer them to a computer for further analysis. By checking air quality you can ensure that dangerous levels of pollutants are detected quickly, minimising the negative health effects of air pollution.

    What do Air Quality Monitors measure?

    These devices can measure all essential parameters such as humidity, temperature, air volume, air velocity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and % of outdoor air calculation. Air quality meters are used for health and safety purposes to prevent harmful pollutants such as mould, gas and carbon dioxide (CO2). Usually, measured values are displayed in PPM (particulates-per-million).

    Where are air monitors used?

    They are an essential part of facilities maintenance and HVAC system maintenance, helping to ensure that legal air quality requirements are met. They are perfect for detecting indoor gas leaks and measuring gas levels such as Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxide, and other flammable, hazardous or toxic gases.Consequently, they are used in a variety of domestic/industrial environments like hospitals, airports, laboratories, and manufacturing. Other uses include indoor air quality investigations, monitoring clean rooms, testing filter seals, locating particle contamination sources, and monitoring particle size distribution.

    Types of AQM’s

    • **:**Portable/Handheld Meters – Compact, easily transportable, they provide accurate measurements, store results for further analysis, and are easy to use on worksites; ideal for engineers working on location.
    • Desktop/Stationary Meters – Perfect for indoor air quality measurement (IAQ), highly accurate, and can be plugged into main power sources.
    • Air Quality Monitors – Ideal for proving that gas appliances are operating safely; essential for gas engineers.

    For the best Air Quality Monitors to suit your application RS has a range of products by a variety of trusted brands to choose from.Air Quality Monitors can help support a healthy building by improving Air Quality.

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