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    Abrasive Brushes

    Abrasive brushes help you to deburr, smooth, removing rust, paint or coatings, clean threads and prepare surfaces for finshing. We offer a high-quality range of end brushes, circular brushes, cup brushes and bevelled brushes all capable of fitting on benchtop grinders and handheld angle grinders. Brought to you through some of the leading brands such as 3M, Norton, Bosch and our very own RS PRO.

    Bevelled brushes offer the benefits of both circular brushes and cup brushes, the shape of the bevelled brush makes it ideal for those hard to reach areas to clean, deburr or polish all part of surface preparation. Just like other brushes they are made up by solid or knotted wire.

    Circular brushes are for use with sanding and grinding power tools. They're perfect for cleaning welding joints or removing burrs (raised edges or small pieces of unwanted material) from steel enclosures or fittings.

    Cup brushes are circular wire brushes arranged in a cup. They're ideal for or use on a wide range of electrical and compressed air tools, such as angle grinders, and are used to remove burrs (raised edges or small pieces of unwanted material remaining attached to a workpiece), rust and paints.

    End brushes are great for use on faces or recessed areas, for cleaning, deburring, polishing all part of surface preparation. The makeup of end brushes can include, solid, knotted and circular flared all usually made from steel wire, but can be made from brass, bronze or fibres.

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