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    Magnetic Drill Bits

    Are you tired of constantly moving your drill press around your workshop just so that you can perform drilling jobs? You may have a workshop with limited space, and moving your drill press is not feasible. Or you have to do a lot of drilling on steel but don't want the hassle and expense of setting up a magnetic drill press.

    All these problems and more are solved using a magnetic drill. When you want to drill or bore holes in steel, ceramic, or other rigid materials, you need drill bits designed with the right balance of strength and sharpness. Take a look at RS Components' extensive range of magnetic drill bits.

    What is Drill Bits Magnetic?

    A magnetic drill bit is a portable drill bit for drilling holes into steel or similar steel. This type of drill bit has a magnetic element on the back side of the drill that attracts to the steel being drilled. Magnetic drill bits can be useful when drilling into steel as they reduce the need to clamp the workpiece and allow for higher speeds and fewer breaks.

    The Magnetic Drill Bit is also named as an Annular cutter bits. Magnetic Drill Bits are available in different sizes, shapes, and configurations, making this product highly versatile and economical.

    Magnetic Drill bits are made of high-quality steel, which can be magnetic. However, not all Mag drill bit materials are magnetic, so you may need to consider this when choosing a drill bit.

    When drilling holes in metal, it's essential to use a magnetic bit because it helps keep the drill bit from slipping off the workpiece and causing damage. However, a non-magnetic drill bit will work fine with wood or plastic.

    How To Remove The Magnetic Drill Bit

    When you're done using the mag drill bit, remove it from your drill, so it doesn't get damaged during storage or transport. Here are two methods for removing the magnetic drill bit:

    Slide the Magnet Out of Its Housing- Grip the top of your drill with one hand while holding onto the bottom of your drill with your other hand. Place one finger on the bottom cap and another on top of the second cap (if your drill has two caps). Press firmly on both caps while turning them counterclockwise until they come off completely.

    Once both caps are off, lift out the magnet by pulling gently upward on it while simultaneously pushing it forward until it comes free from its housing inside your drill's chuck.

    Uses of a Magnetic Drill Bit

    The magnetic drill bit set can be used in various industries and applications, such as:

    Construction Industry: To bore holes in concrete, bricks, etc., for installing anchor bolts and anchors.

    Automotive Industry: To drill holes into engine blocks and cylinder heads for installing sensors, spark plug wires, etc.

    Removing Metal Shavings From Drilled Holes

    Metal shavings are common when drilling holes in materials like metal or steel. These pieces may be small enough to fall through the drilled hole, but they can also clog up inside if they are too large or heavy.

    Using a magnetic drill bit allows you to remove these pieces from inside the drilled hole without damaging them or having them bounce around inside your toolbox once you have removed them from their original location.

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