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    Globe Valves

    A Globe Valve is a device which is widely used to deter an overflow in terms of volumes between the open and closed positions. It is best for on-off service. Globe Valve is widely operated in gas and liquid industries. Globe Valves are used to start, stop and regulate flows, and they are linearly actuated valves.The valve has an indication arrow which signs the direction, flow comes from.

    Functions of Globe Valve

    The Globe Valve is actuated linearly. When the valve is opened to regulate the flow, it travels upwards and moves away from the port. The amount of flow is proportional to the opening unlike the Gate Flow. The velocity of flow that Globe Valve provides is much higher as compared to others.

    The Globe Valve has a rising stem which indicates the opening and closing of the valve. When the stem rises, it indicates that the valve is opened and the flow velocity. On the contrary, the when the stem is decreased, signs the closing of the valve. Both positions determine the velocity of flow. The Globe Valve is turned on mechanically through the wheel at the top. The body of Globe Valve is referred to as Zed-Body type valve.

    The pressure is applied under the disc which helps in opening the valve. The pressure pushes the disc upwards to open the valve. The user has to be cautious while using the valve for steam system because the pressure is applied on the upper side of the disc. If the pressure is enforced on the underside of the disc, the stem is likely to get cool down when the valve is closed.

    Globe Valve Control

    Oil and gas producers usually use Globe Valves to control the flow, pressure and temperature of fluid, water and gas. The Globe Valves are controlled by mechanical and electrical powers. The Globe Valves are of distinguished types, manufactured differently and control variety of flow. The Globe Valve types are following:

    Steam globe valve

    A Steam Globe Valve is a type of Globe Valve which controls the flow of steam pressure. The valve also provides second hand to the opening, restraining and closing of fluid flow. The valve is named after its shape unlike the type of disc is.

    Angle globe valve

    The Angle Globe Valve is chiefly a modification of a basic Globe Valve. The angle of 90 degree at the ends is what creates a difference. The Angle Globe Valve is used in boiler feedwater, heater drain service and pipe schemes. The water supply lines of toilets, plumbing fixtures and appliances are where they found.

    Brass globe valve

    Brass Globe Valve is made from bronze. Brass Globe Valve has versatility in terms of uses. The brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. The Brass Globe Valve is easy to manufacture because brass is flexible and can be easily molded. Water well, residential and commercial plumbing are what Brass Globe Valve is used for. The Brass Globe Valve is best to use unless there are no means to utilize the Brass Globe Valve for highly caustic properties.

    Cast iron globe valve

    The Cast Iron Globe Valve provides for the applications like heating and water distribution. The fluid does not contact with the valve stem. The Cast Iron Globe Valve is made from Iron.

    Non return globe valve

    The SDNR Globe Valve is used to prevent the reverse flow when the valve is opened and to avoid the leakage with tight shut off. The valve also provides the easy opening to the flow.

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