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    Emergency Light Switches & Conversion Kits

    Emergency light kits are an important thing to think about when it comes to emergency lighting. These kits consist of all the items you will need to ensure that emergency lights are functional during an emergency power outage. There are many emergency light accessories offered, and only the most well-known and reliable brands should be chosen.

    Types of Emergency Light Accessories

    • Escape route signs: Escape route signs help increase safety in areas where people may need to exit quickly in an emergency situation. They indicate the best way out of a building, room, or area in case of an emergency.
    • Batteries: Batteries are important for powering your emergency lights when there is no power coming from the grid or other sources. You should have enough batteries on hand to keep your lights running for at least three days if necessary.
    • Bulbs: Bulbs are another integral part of any emergency light system because they provide illumination during power outages or other emergencies when natural light is not available. Always have several spare bulbs on hand so you can replace burned-out ones quickly and easily.
    • Emergency light conversion kits: Emergency light conversion kits are used to convert existing emergency lighting fixtures and bulbs to different types of bulbs. They allow you to use the same type of fixture to power different types of lamps, which makes it easier to find replacements that fit your needs.
    • Self-test switches: A self-test switch is a device that keeps track of how many times your emergency light has been used. It's an important safety feature for any facility that uses emergency lights. This device is attached to the battery box and will automatically test the batteries every time you turn on the lights. If there's no electricity coming from the batteries, it won't engage them until they're fully charged again.
    • Lighting unit covers: A lighting unit cover protects the bulb from damage and keeps dust out of your fixture when it's not in use. This accessory is especially useful if you have large open spaces where dust might accumulate inside an uncovered bulb.
    • Emergency lighting wire guards: Wire guards protect wires and cables from damage when routed through walls or ceilings. They can be used with any type of emergency light fixture as long as the cable can pass through the opening in the guard. Wire guards are typically made of plastic, but metal wire guards are also available.
    • Mounting brackets: Mounting brackets allow you to securely mount an emergency light fixture to a wall or ceiling. The mounting bracket should match the type of light fixture (surface mount or recessed). If you have a surface-mounted light, you may need to buy additional hardware such as a wiring box (if your lights don't come with one) or a junction box if your lights do not have built-in junction boxes.

    Bottom line

    It's also essential to keep replacement parts and accessories for your emergency light. You don't want to discover that you need a spare bulb or customized wall mount after the lights go out!

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