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    Ventilation Grilles

    Ventilation Grilles

    Ventilation grilles, also referred to as vent covers and louvre vents, are gratings placed over vent openings. They have domestic applications, where they are employed to protect vents for bathroom extractor fans and tumble dryers, and commercial and industrial usages, where they are commonly mounted to exit points of air conditioning ducting.Choose from our expertly selected range of ventilation grilles from trusted providers such as Schneider, Siemens, and Rittal, as well as options from our own brand. Our selection comprises options in various sizing to suit your installation, made of aluminium, plastics and polyamide, or steel.

    Explore ventilation grilles for doors and walls at home

    Around the home, vents are typically installed in bathroom and kitchen walls, where extractor fans remove the moisture produced in these rooms to prevent mould growth. Vents are often installed for use with vented tumble dryers, whereby the dryer expels hot air during its drying cycle. Vent covers are an important consideration when installing vents, as they enhance ventilation by maintaining the flow of air and increase safety provision.Vent covers reduce dust accumulation, extending the operational life and optimal performance of fan filters and mechanismsSloping parallel slats guide water away from vent openings, preventing water from damaging extractor fan mechanismsVent covers offer security to vent installations, guarding openings to prevent intrusionVent covers prevent accidental injury from rotating extractor fan blades.

    Equip your server cabinet with cabinet door ventilation grilles

    Searching for a server cabinet to house your servers? An important consideration with any sever cabinet is ventilation. Severs generate heat during operation, adequate ventilation is needed to allow air to move around the servers to prevent overheating. Installing vents on cabinet doors is an effective means of achieving this. Vent covers protect openings in cabinet doors and should be installed over vents to ensure the protective integrity of the cabinet is not compromised.

    Choosing the best ventilation grill for your needs

    Generally, all stat configurations offer protection against intrusion and reduce the accumulation of dust. Parallel slats offer enhanced protection against water ingress, as their sloped design directs water away.

    Ventilation Grilles can help support a healthy building by improving Air Quality

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