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    Bearing Pullers

    When compounds that are held together by their own frictional forces need to be separated, you will need to reach for a set of pullers or separators in order to pull them apart. At RS, we have a varied range of reliable pullers, separators and extraction tools, as well as insertion tools and puller accessories.

    What types of Pullers are there?

    There are several types of pullers available, including mechanical pullers, bearing pullers, hydraulic pullers, strong back pullers, and heavy-duty jaw pullers, all of which you can find here with RS.

    Mechanical pullers are used to replace the bearing, pulley couplings or other parts that fit together in a similarly close fashion without having to dismantle machinery or remove the running shaft. There are three-arm or two-arm versions, with three arms providing better load distribution and a concentric pulling action and two-arms suitable for confined spaces.

    Bearing pullers are specifically-designed tools for removing or installing bearings from rotating machine shafts or from blind bearing holes. Dependent on the size of the puller, the application can vary dramatically, ranging from the transmission to complicated industry machinery.

    Hydraulic pullers are designed to pull any bearing, belt pulley, gear, round wheel or other tightened part used within the machinery industry. One of the main features of using a hydraulic version is that the job of removing or dismounting a bearing is much simpler, faster and safer.

    Strong back pullers are used for easy insertion between bearing and shoulders on a shaft, featuring a spring-operated centre point and a safety valve, minimising puller overload.

    Heavy-duty jaw pullers are considered the most versatile, they offer easy and effective dismount of bearings. They offer minimal damage to a bearing, through the use of a jaw, the whole operation is of pulling a bearing is easy and safe. Jaws are commonly used in industrial and commercial environments.

    Internal bearing pullers can be used for removing grooved ball bearings efficiently from shafts and cases without dismounting a bearing. This is known as a user-friendly option because some gear puller sets feature an elastic retaining ring which helps keep the puller arm in position.

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