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    RS PRO Wrenches

    Wrenches are the most common hand tool found in any toolkit or toolbox. Through their mechanical advantage, they help the user to apply torque to rotary fasteners - such as nuts and bolts - to either tighten or loosen them. They are available in many shapes and sizes, with various handle lengths and jaw capacities available in order to best suit different applications and requirements. Our range of wrenches has been selected to provide our customers with guaranteed high-quality hand tools to suit your needs, as well as providing leading brands such as Bahco, Ega-Master, Facom, Irwin, Knipex, CK, Crescent, Gedore, Sibille, Teng Tools and RS PRO.

    From engineers to DIY enthusiasts we have the solution for you. Here at RS we stock the most popular wrenches from adjustable spanners, strap wrenches & pipe wrenches.

    What type of wrench do I need?

    There are many types of wrench available, but the ideal type of wrench you need is dependent on what you will need to use it for in your project. At RS, we have a wide variety of wrenches available, including socket wrenches, torque wrenches, cross wrenches and breaker bars, but we have three main types in our range of standard wrenches:

    • Adjustable Wrench - Perhaps the most common type of wrench, adjustable wrenches have jaws that are typically positioned at a 15 degree angle relative to the tool's handle in order to ensure the wrench's effectiveness in close quarters. As the tool's jaw capacity can be adjusted to fit various fitting sizes, an adjustable wrench can be a space-saver in your tool kit by removing the need for specifically-sized tools.
    • Pipe Wrench - Pipe wrenches have hardened, serrated jaws and self-tightening properties in order to guarantee a secure grip on materials such as soft iron pipe and pipe fittings. They provide additional grip for those tighter, harder-to-turn fasteners when a standard or adjustable wrench cannot complete the job.
    • Strap Wrench - Similar to a pipe wrench, a strap wrench uses a chain similar to a drive chain or strap instead of an adjustable jaw in order to secure its grip on the chosen fasteners. Through either a chain or strap of metal, leather, or rubber attached to a handle, strap wrenches are used to grip and turn objects (such as automotive oil filters) in situations where a pipe wrench cannot maintain its grip, such as on wet or greasy pipes or fittings.

    Typical applications

    Wrenches can be used across a wide range of applications thanks to their versatility, ease to use and nature as an essential hand tool. Wrenches are commonly used by:

    • Plumbers
    • Automotive repair and maintenance technicians
    • Engineers
    • Builders
    • Construction workers
    • DIY enthusiasts.
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