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    Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys

    Control cabinet keys & cross wrenches are used to operate the locking mechanisms of a wide range of systems including gas, electric, and water cabinets. Cross wrenches & control cabinet keys are typically four-position-arm, handheld tools, offering various differing drive possibilities at each arm end. They are commonly shaped like a plus sign or a cross, hence their name.

    Because they house multiple different drive heads, cross wrenches & control cabinet keys are highly functional, multipurpose tools that are staples in any maintenance, repair, and operations toolkit. Their value lies in their versatility and they are preferred for being able to replace carrying multiple tools or keys on hand.

    Control cabinet keys are multi-headed keys used to lock or unlock the doors to control cabinets and to turn on or off a system. Most control cabinets and systems need to be kept locked to prevent any unintended disruption or interference but do not need the security that a unique lock and key would provide. As a result, most control cabinet keys house four common drive heads that between them can unlock all standard control cabinets and systems, namely square, round, or triangular shapes. These types of keys are called universal keys because they can be used across many different systems.

    While control cabinet keys are small, cross wrenches can range from small handheld tools up to large tools used in the automotive industry. For example, many amateur mechanics or car enthusiasts carry a cross lug wrench in their car so that they can make quick adjustments to and lug nuts or bolts throughout their vehicle. On a smaller scale, cross bar wrenches are great for small jobs that require a few different driver heads.

    Our range includes wrenches and keys from leading brands such as Bahco, CK, Facom, Knipex, Rittal & RS PRO. Cross wrenches and control cabinet keys are similar in shape but quite different in their application, so make sure you sort our range by size.

    What are the Key Features of a Cross Wrench?

    The most valuable feature of a cross wrench is its versatility because it has the potential to house four or more driver heads. These driver heads can range from being male end drivers to hexagonal heads that can accept screw bits. Many DIY projects can be completed by just using a cross wrench with universal driver heads.

    Small cross bar wrenches are great for DIY jobs or spot fixes around the home or office because they are easy to use and ergonomic to hold. Users are able to easily grip the wrench and twist it with minimal effort. Many even find it more comfortable to use a screwdriver or spanner.

    Larger cross wrenches, such as those used in the automotive industry, are commonly used to change tires or do maintenance on some engine parts. The larger the wrench is, the more torque the user can apply through it, which is why wrenches used for changing car tires are quite large. They will typically have two female driver heads suitable for lug nuts and bolts, and two male ends that can accept ratchets or other attachments.

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