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    Bolt Cutters

    Bolt cutters, also sometimes known as bolt croppers, are used for cutting bolts, chains, padlocks and wire rope. Stronger than wire cutters, bolt cutters can cut metal piping and chains that are thicker and stronger, such as padlocks, wire fencing, linked chains and thick wire mesh. Available in a range of sizes depending on the scale of material to cut, larger cutters offer greater lever length for the user requiring less force on tougher materials. The metal construction offers a strong and reliable tool often paired with rubber coated tubular handles for added comfort and grip.

    At RS, we stock bolt cutters ranging in size, from 160mm to 1050mm in overall length, and ranging in cutting capacity, from 4mm to 18mm. You will find products from leading brands such as Irwin, Knipex, Facom, and RS PRO.

    What are bolt cutters used for?

    Bolt cutters are used across a variety of industries and applications. Wherever there is a thicker metal component needing to be cut, from padlocks to chain-link fencing, bolt cutters will prove themselves useful. Whether you need to cut bolts to have a flush end or cut steel cable, rope or even chains to size, these combination cutters are a fantastic manual solution. They are often used by many tradespeople, including maintenance engineers, plumbers, janitors and groundsmen, shipping industry workers, builders and farmers, and are also used by members of the emergency services when performing rescues.

    Why use bolt cutters?

    Bolt cutters are ideal for when you need to cut through heavy-duty metal. They provide a strong cutting force, helped by their long handles, which allows more torque to be generated and therefore results in a stronger cutting action. Bolt cutters make cutting through metal quick and easy and are available in a range of lengths, all of which are portable.

    What can they cut?

    • Steel - bar, bolts, chains, etc
    • Wire mesh - such as fences or enclosures
    • Concrete form ties
    • Cables
    • Padlocks
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