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    Laser Levels

    Suppose that you want to install a curtain rod above the window. In one hand, you hold the curtain rod, while the other holds a hammer. It makes sense to hang the curtain rod straight, of course.But with both hands full and shaking, it's not clearly possible.

    To make this job easier, you can use laser levels. With the help of a laser level, let's see how we can do this.

    Laser Levels

    Laser levels are available with two laser colour types, Green or Red. Green beam lasers appear much brighter to the human eye they are typically used indoors on larger scale projects where the beam needs to be visible over long distances or in bright conditions.

    Types of laser levels or Laser Distance Measurer

    Find out more about the types of laser distance measurers that are available online if you are interested in buying one. For your convenience, we have listed some of them below.

    Line Laser Level

    This is a point-to-point level that projects a visible thin line onto a surface. Designed for indoor use, they often include plumb-up and plumb-down capabilities. The best laser level measurer you can find online these days.

    Dot Laser Level

    A simple point is projected that can be level, square or plumb. A wide variety of models are available that project dots at 2 points for verticals, 3 points for verticals plus horizontals or 5 points for verticals, horizontals and 45° in-between.

    Rotary Laser Level

    These lasers use a prism driven around by a small motor to produce a 360° laser line over long distances. These lasers are generally designed for creating horizontal lines but there are models that can also work vertically. Ideal for outdoor work, such as grading roads, laying foundations, or laying pipe, these are the most accurate laser levels.

    Manual or Auto Levelling

    Manual laser levels work in the traditional way: The user lines up a bubble inside a vial either by repositioning the level or turning a knob. Well-suited for typical do-it-yourself projects, these laser levels are less expensive and require less battery power than a self-levelling unit. Self-levelling units offer a greater degree of accuracy.

    They work best when placed on a surface that the user determines is "close to level." You can use a bubble vial to manually level the unit before the unit's self-levelling mechanism takes over. The laser component hangs like a pendulum inside the level. Magnets and gravity work together to still the pendulum, and the beam is then projected through light or a prism.

    Typical Applications of Laser Levels

    A laser level can be used for a variety of professional construction jobs as well as household purposes, including:

    • Tiling
    • Surveying
    • Kitchen Installation
    • Bathroom Installation

    When choosing a laser, consider the following factors:

    Self Levelling Laser

    Self-levelling lasers, also known as auto lasers, take care of most of the work. A true level line will appear as soon as it starts up. During the process, it will also stop if disturbed, preventing any inaccurate results.


    The accuracy of laser levels is better than that of other tools, for example, laser spirit level.

    Indoor vs outdoor usage

    Will you be using your level indoors or outdoors? A laser level can be used in different ways depending on its intended purpose.

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