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    Etching Chemicals

    Etching chemicals are used during the PCB etching process for a variety of reasons. Chemical etching is a process used to create PCB designs.The chemical etching process uses a chemical, such as ferric chloride. Using an etching pen, you can create your own PCB design onto the copper board. The board is them submerged into the etching chemical to remove the excess copper cladding from the board.

    Types of Etching Chemicals:

    Etching - Ferric Chloride is the etching chemical usually used for copper clad PCB etching. Ferric chloride is highly effective at etching copper, which is a commonly used material in circuit boards. It selectively removes the copper, leaving behind the desired circuit patterns or traces. The etching process with Ferric chloride is relatively fast and efficient, making it a preferred choice for large-scale PCB manufacturing.Stain Removing - This is used to remove unwanted stains caused by ferric chloride. Stains can be found on PCB tanks, clothing and workbenches.Developer - Used for developing positive photosensitive boards after exposure to light.

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