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    Anti Static Packaging

    Anti-static packaging comes in various forms and is used for shipping sensitive electronic components and devices. They work by preventing static electricity from building up and discharging which can cause damage. Damage to products increases waste and increased costs. Our products are widely used in applications including semiconductor and PCB manufacturing, Aerospace, medical, and other ESD sensitive environments.

    RS offer an excellent range of Anti-static bags, bubble bags, ESD foam, ESD wrap, and bubble wrap for all your storage, shipping, and transportation needs.

    How can you prevent static discharge with packaging?

    There are two ways you can address the issue, one is to use static dissipative packaging and the other is to use conductive antic static packaging. Both work differently, but equally have an essential role to play.

    Dissipative Packaging

    Anti-static dissipative packaging has a special coating, it’s usually red or pink. This type of packaging prevents the build-up of static which is often generated when normal polythene rubs against itself. It doesn’t however block static charge penetrating the packaging it just protects the contents from harmful static build-up. Dissipative packaging normally comes in rolls or wrapping, anti-static bags, bubble bags, and bubble wrap.

    Static Shielding Packaging

    Metallised Bags also known as conductive bags, operate by using a layer of conductive metal and a dielectric plastic layer. They create their own Faraday cage effect. With a dissipative coating, these bags not only prevent static discharge from building up but also protect from contact with a static charge. These bags are reclosable and come in various types including zipper, heat sealable, self-sealing and open-topped. Some metallised bags also offer a moisture barrier for a long-term storage solution.

    ESD Protective Foam

    ESD foam is mainly used in clean rooms, ESD workspaces, and component packaging stations. The high-density material provides protection for pins on sensitive electronics components when placed inside bags, trays, and compartments.

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