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    PVC Strip Curtains

    PVC strip curtains also known as PVC or plastic strip doors are long lengths of clear PVC fixed to a hanging rail. The PVC strips hook on individually to the internal track of a stainless-steel metal rail to form a vertical curtain. The carrier or hanging rail is attached horizontally across the top of a doorway.

    What are PVC Strip curtains used for?

    Strip curtains provide a barrier against insects, dust, debris and litter from entering a factory or warehouse through open doorways. The energy saving industrial curtains also help with temperature stabilisation by keeping the heat in a room or large open area. Alternatively, they also keep the cold air in when used in chiller rooms, cold rooms, and freezer bays. The PVC strip doors ensure that an unobstructed clear view is maintained for pedestrians, and forklift truck drivers supporting workplace safety.PVC Strip Curtain ApplicationsPVC strip curtains are a cost effective and easy to maintain replacement for doors in large areas like factory floors and warehouses. The plastic curtain strips are easily cleaned by simply washing down with warm water to remove any dirt or grime. Damaged or worn lengths can be replaced by unhooking the PVC strip from the hanging rail and changing for a new one. Some of the most common applications are:Cold roomsCommercial kitchensWarehouses Loading bays and goods in docks

    Anti-Insects fly screensNoise barriersChillers

    Types of Strip Curtain

    Our strip curtains are manufactured to the highest quality. The door strips are available in various meter lengths, mm widths and mm thicknesses to suit all applications and environments. The PVC slats are supplied in green or clear.

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