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    Rack Cooling

    Rack cooling is a system whereby fans are rack mounted to provide an internal cooling system in situations where a large amount of heat is generated and which needs to be controlled. For example, high density heat loads inside server racks benefit from an internal cooling system due to the high amount of heat they emit and use rack cooling to achieve this. Rack cooling is also found in smaller electronic items such as computers and studio equipment.

    How does rack cooling work?

    Fans within the rack cooling equipment provide movement of air and the rack will respond accurately to any failure of either a fan or thermal sensor, cooling down the temperature and returning it to optimum level.

    Types of rack cooling

    When trays are rack-mounted at the top of a system, the hot air can be efficiently exhausted from the rack to provide a cooling effect. When a mount fan tray is placed in the middle of the rack, rack cooling provides an advanced cooling method, allowing the air to circulate around the entire system to cool it down.

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