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    Compact Power Connectors

    Compact power connectors are miniature plug or socket connectors. They're designed for use in a wide range of industrial equipment. Their small size makes them ideally suited to applications where space is limited and there's not enough room for bulkier connectors. Compact power connectors can be made from metal or plastic and come in a range of size and plating options.

    Types of compact power connectors

    The extensive range of compact power connectors is designed in plug or socket formats for different end uses. Compact power connectors can be chosen based on many different features. These include their voltage rating, housing material, contact plating, rating, gender, pole format, termination method, operating temperature and current rating.

    What applications are compact power connectors used for?

    General-purpose compact power connectors find many uses where small, but lower current, connections are needed. This kind of connection is ideal for low-power applications found in heating, lighting, theatre and general industrial applications. These small and compact connectors enable safe interconnection coupling of equipment at a mains voltage.

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