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    What are Voltmeters?

    Voltmeters, also known as Electrical Tester, Voltage Tester or Continuity Testers, are instruments that are primarily used in electrical circuits to measure the voltage, or electric potential difference, between two points in the circuit. Voltmeters can be used for either AC or DC current and can display results in either an analogue or digital display format.

    Electrical Testers can be used to measure the voltage drop across a single component or supply, or they can be used to measure the sum of voltage drops across two or more points or components within a circuit.

    What are voltmeters used for?

    Voltage detectors are used in a wide range of applications of industries as their function of displaying voltage levels is useful for safety, efficiency, and measurement purposes. Typical applications include:

    • AC Currents
    • DC Currents
    • Automotive Industry
    • HVAC
    • Domestic Settings

    How do I connect a voltmeter?

    As a voltmeter is used to measure any potential difference is should always be connected in parallel to the component you wish to measure in your circuit. This is important because objects in parallel encounter the same potential difference.

    Types of Analogue Voltmeters

    Moving coil voltmeters have either permanent magnets or dynamometers as measuring components with low power consumption benefits. Moving iron voltmeters can measure both AC and DC currents by producing a deflective torque. The torque-to-weight ratio is high which means increased accuracy of readings.

    Electrostatic voltmeters measure current flow based on attracting, repulsion or symmetry between two electrically charged plates. Their benefits are the high voltage range capacity of 200KV.

    Types of Digital Voltmeters

    Digital panel voltmeters have several different parameters such as supply voltage and meter accuracy. Typical mounting options include 12-pin DIPs and traditional bezel mounts.

    Digital screen options include a range of red, blue or green LED or LCD display units to suit your needs under different lighting conditions. Housings can be circular, square or rectangular.

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