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    COMPLETEline - The Future of Control Cabinets

    COMPLETEline by Phoenix Contact is a comprehensive suite of technologically leading products for the advanced control cabinet. It is designed to help you reduce the complexity of your electrical systems and streamline your operation. With a focus on safety and quality, COMPLETEline is the new standard for the future of control cabinet solutions.

    Process Optimization

    Process Optimization

    Optimise your control cabinet processes with technologically leading hardware and software products, consulting services, and system solutions! All COMPLETEline products feature the push-in connection technology, enabling you to wire the entire application quickly and toll-free.

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    Quick, Systematic Installation


    Solutions for the Control Cabinet

    Watch to witness the future of panel building. With COMPLETEline, business can now access a system comprising of technologically leading products, consulting services, and system solutions that help optimize their processes in control cabinet manufacturing.

    Power Reliability

    Power Reliability

    • Reliable power supply solutions across all industries.

    • Robust protection against surges and over currents.

    • Best in class power supplies with necessary power buffering, backup, and redundancy, monitoring for faults and distributing power to the end devices.

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    PLCnext Technology for Remote Data Acquisition & Monitoring Solution


    Phoenix Contact's Remote Data Monitoring technology is an industrial grade solution that monitors your assets' critical parameters when you are not physically on-site. This advanced capability is based on the Phoenix Contact's latest PLC next technology which has the capability to allow Operational Technology (OT) to meet Information Technology (IT) along with a comprehensive suite of complementary products such as industrial grade 4G routers.

    With the ability to accommodate up to hundreds of data points, Phoenix Contact's Remote Data Monitoring solution is highly flexible and scalable for every need.

    Remote Data Monitoring Solution for Every Need

    Need something that is not listed? Contact us today to customise solutions based on your systems’ requirements! This includes:

    • Enclosure size
    • Additional I/Os
    • Human Machine Interface
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies and more
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