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    Shop 20,000+ locally stocked products for fast delivery.

    Shop 20,000+ locally stocked products for fast delivery

    RS are industry experts with a full-service product and service solutions for every sector, as well as access to over 2,500 manufacturers and 700,000+ products. We provide reliability and choice with ample stock of both our own brand products and through our leading brand partners.

    Our established manufacturer relationships help us and you to secure a resilient supply chain and stay ahead of the market with the latest innovation, products and value.

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    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri daripada RS


    Nikmati penjimatan yang lebih banyak di musim perayaaan ini.

    Alami penjimatan yang berganda pada setiap jenama premium kami – semakin banyak anda berbelanja, semakin berganda penjimatan anda.Masukkan Kod Promosi di bahagian 'Tambah Kod Promosi' semasa pembelian dalam talian atau hubungi khidmat pelanggan kami semasa anda membuat pesanan.

    Gunakan Kod Promo: RAYASAMA10 untuk pesanan melebihi MYR1,200 untuk menikmati diskaun 10%.

    Gunakan Kod Promo: RAYASAMA15 untuk pesanan melebihi MYR3,200 untuk menikmati diskaun 15%.

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    Huge range in stock of Interconnect, Passives, Electromechanical and more ready to ship today.  And SAVE ON thousands of discounted electronics parts.