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    Fibre Testers

    Fibre optic testers are devices that are used to specifically test and run diagnostics on any fibre optic wiring or device receiving a signal from one. The tools that allow you to perform a comprehensive assessment on a fibre optic cable are fibre light sources, optical power meters and fibre optic visual locators. Fibre optic cable testers can assess the length of the cable, and determining the locations of splices and connectors.

    Optical fibre has a very predominant role in today's networks, with more buildings and larger sites it also increases the demand. This ensures fibre optic testing imperative to enable certification of the network. Fibre testers ensure the cable laid is fully functional, as it's vitally important that there isn't damage along the cable that could inhibit the performance.

    How do Fibre Optic Testers Work?

    Using different diagnostic tools and methods, the test equipment will vary in look and degree, but all have the same necessary function. You will connect your device to the outlet and run a series of diagnostic tests to check things like signal strength and stability. Here are some of the functions of a Fibre Optic Tester:

    • Plug and play USB interfaces on many devices.
    • Provides information for each connection, slice or cable segment in the link.
    • Produce diagnostic tests for new cable installation, great for comparing later if a problem arises.
    • Illuminates poor connections and breaks.
    • Provides graphical data in some models.
    • Power meter options, data storage and trace analysis in different models available.

    Where would you use a Fibre Optic Tester?

    • Local network for your office or home
    • Larger scale neighbourhood wide
    • Fresh installs of cabling that needs to be tested

    Why Choose RS for a Fibre Optic Tester?

    RS has a comprehensive range of fibre optic testers from leading brands such as Fluke, Greenlee and Tempo. We have technical advisors on hand for questions you may have. RS also offers a calibration service for your Fibre Optic Tester to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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