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    Lab Flasks

    Lab Flasks are a piece of scientific equipment commonly used in most laboratories for storing, mixing and measuring the volume of liquids. There are many different types of lab flasks that can be used in a laboratory.

    • Boiling Flasks - Used for the heating and boiling of liquids, these flasks have round bodies with long thin necks to help with evaporation and heat distribution.
    • Cell Culture Flasks - These flasks have been designed for the growth and propagation of microbial, mammalian or insect cells.
    • Dewar Flasks - Dewar flasks are a specialised type of vacuum flask designed to hold liquefied gases for flash freezing samples.
    • Erlenmeyer Flasks - Also known as a conical flask or titration flask, features a flat bottom, a conical body and a cylindrical neck.
    • Volumetric Flasks - These flasks are also referred to as graduated flasks or measuring flasks and have been designed to hold an accurate volume at a specific temperature.
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