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    Plug Gauges

    Plug Gauges & Ring Gauges are the ideal tools for checking the integrity of internal threads to ensure they meet the exact standards required. Plug and ring gauges are mostly used as inspection tools. Browse our range of Plug Gauges & Ring Gauges, all are of the highest quality sourced from leading brands such as Volkel and available with calibration.

    Plug Gauges

    Go No-Go Plug Gauges are used to engage the internally threaded part with very little force. Smooth engagement is what you are looking for. There is no specification regarding torque or pressure for using thread plug gauges they are exclusively hand operated. However, its good practice to only turn the plug with 3 revolutions. Thread gauges will clean the threads of a nut but if it becomes jammed then you should stop turning as the nut has failed inspection.

    Ring Gauges

    No-Go Ring Gauges are used to engage a threaded part like a bolt. As per plug gauges, very little force should be used, smooth engagement only. Always make sure the ring gauge is calibrated prior to use with a thread gauge and limit the turns to 1.5 to 2 max.

    Feature and Benefits

    • Easy to use
    • Marked with pitch diameter
    • Metric sizes
    • Accurate
    • Hand operated
    • Fast testing


    Plug Gauges & Ring Gauges are used by engineers for inspection of threaded components, quality control, and calibration.

    Why would you choose RS for Plug Gauges & Ring Gauges?

    Our range of gauges has been selected for their high degree of accuracy, quality, and ease of use. We support engineers with products and technical information to ensure they have the ideal plug gauge & ring gauge solution.

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