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    Insulation Testers

    Insulation testers are electrical measurement test tools used for preventive or predictive maintenance programs. Also known as megohmmeters they are designed to identify potential equipment failures before they occur. Insulation resistance testers are perfect for testing a wide range of high voltage equipment including switchgear, motors, generators and cables.

    RS offers a range of high-quality electrical test tools from leading brands including Megger, Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux, Keysight Technologies, Metrohm, FLIR and of course RS PRO.

    We also offer an in-house calibration service. See here for more details: calibration services.

    Insulation Tester Types

    Insulation testers are handheld devices but can be portable with a handle or bench mounted. Testers usually have an LCD or digital display, but some have the more traditional analogue needle such as the Megger MIT310A.

    How do Insulation Resistance Testers Work?

    Testing the integrity of insulation requires measuring its resistance to current flow across it. Testers use high voltage low current DC charge to measure the resistance. A high level of resistance means that very little current is escaping through the insulation. Conversely, a low level of resistance indicates a significant amount of current may be leaking through and along the insulation.

    What is the Purpose of Insulation Testing?

    Ideally, all the electrical current sent along a conductive wire should reach its intended destination. However, you do find that some of it is lost along the way due to various reasons. Wires are insulated with a resistant sheathing to contain the conductivity of the copper or aluminium core, but even with this insulation in place, some of the current still manages to escape. The electricity that leaks out can be detrimental to electrical circuits and machinery.

    Testing can help you determine whether the insulation is performing at an effective and safe level. Excessive heat or cold, moisture, vibration, dirt, oil and corrosive vapours can all contribute to deterioration therefore routine testing can identify problems before they result in injury or equipment failure.

    Insulation testers provide noise-free, reliable results. They are safe and easy to use and the ideal solution for troubleshooting, commissioning and preventative maintenance applications.

    How Do I Choose an Insulation Tester?

    When selecting an insulation tester, consider factors like voltage range, resistance measurement capabilities, accuracy, durability, and safety features. Assess your specific testing needs, such as the type of insulation materials and expected conditions. Make sure to also compare specifications and user reviews to ensure the chosen tester meets your requirements reliably and efficiently.

    What is a Good Insulation Test Result?

    A good insulation test result typically shows high resistance values, indicating that the insulation material effectively prevents current leakage. The exact acceptable resistance level varies depending on factors like the type of equipment and industry standards. Generally, higher resistance values suggest better insulation integrity, ensuring equipment safety and reliability.

    Industrial Applications of Insulation Testers

    Insulation testers, or megohmmeters, play a crucial role in industrial settings, serving various applications to ensure electrical system reliability and safety. They are essential for machinery maintenance, assessing insulation in motors and generators to prevent breakdowns.

    Additionally, they are utilised for testing electrical systems, quality control in manufacturing, safety inspections, and preventive maintenance. Brands like Fluke, Megger, and Hioki offer tailored solutions, providing accurate and reliable testing for critical electrical systems.

    Digital Insulation Resistance Tester Price

    The prices of digital insulation resistance testers, such as ac insulation testers, typically range from MYR2,808 to MYR48,798, with features such as measurement range, accuracy, and additional functionalities influencing the cost across various models and brands.

    How to Order Insulation Testers from RS Malaysia?

    RS Malaysia is your go-to source for premium digital insulation testers. We carry top brands like Fluke, Megger, and Hioki to offer the best solutions for all your electrical testing needs. Our user-friendly online platform provides a diverse catalogue of insulation testers, from handheld and benchtop models to multifunction testers. Whether you need a power cable insulation tester or a wire insulation tester, each listing includes detailed specifications and compatibility information to help you make informed decisions.

    Here's how to order insulation testers from RS Malaysia:

    • Browse our insulation testers: Start by browsing our comprehensive range of insulation testers that cater to various industrial and commercial requirements.
    • Select Your Products: Add the desired products to your cart. Our detailed product descriptions and specifications will help you choose the right tester for your needs.
    • Login or Create an Account: If you’re an existing customer, simply log in to streamline the checkout process. New users can also quickly create an account to enjoy benefits like order tracking and faster checkouts in the future.
    • Checkout: Enter your shipping details, select your preferred delivery options, and choose from our secure payment methods.
    • Order Confirmation: After placing your order, you’ll receive a comprehensive email with your purchase details and an estimated delivery timeframe.

    With RS Malaysia, you can expect prompt and secure delivery, minimising disruptions to your operations. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable testing solutions, ensuring your projects stay on track.

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