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    Rotary Switches

    Rotary switches are switches that move in a circle and can stop in a few positions they are used to connect a functional circuit within a device to a source of electricity. Rotary switches are used to control many different circuits within a single switch. The electrical charge enters the switch and is then directed to whichever circuit is currently selected by the switch. Rotary switches provide a robust mechanical control system. You can find more information in our Rotary Switches guide

    Types of Rotary switches

    • Wafer Switches
    • Yaxley Switches
    • Rotary Cam Switches
    • Miniature rotary switches
    • PCB mount rotary switches
    • Rotary DIP switches


    • Variable speed fans
    • Rotary Light switch
    • Dimmer switches
    • Aircraft control panels
    • Professional audio splitters and converters - for moving between different speakers or channels
    • Voltmeters and similar metering equipment - for selecting different ranges
    • Car dashboards - for selecting different functions such as the air conditioning or adjustable fans
    • To adjust the speed of conveyor belts
    • To control diagnostic equipment
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