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    Fire Extinguisher Signs

    Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, it is a legal requirement that all occupants of a building at any given time should be aware of fire safety instructions, and fire safety signs are comprehensive solution to ensuring this requirement is met. It is for this reason that fire safety signs are found in many locations, from public shops and workspaces to private residence buildings, and are used to indicate fire doors and fire exits, fire alarms, fire assembly points, and instructions for using fire extinguishers.

    All of the symbols found on our range of fire safety signs conform to UK regulations and current safety standards, allowing you to install them with confidence. These safety signs are available in a range of materials including aluminium, plastic and vinyl, and some have also been designed to glow in the dark to make them easily visible at all times.

    What types of fire safety signs are available?

    • Fire action signs: these signs are designed to give clear instructions of the required actions in the event of a fire. These are typically white signs with blue and red boxes containing text, detailing the steps to be taken and actions to be avoided in the event of a fire. These signs are typically placed in or near entryways to ensure that as many occupants as possible see them. They are designed to be informative before the event of a fire, providing clarity on the expected steps of action.
    • Fire assembly point signs to aid with evacuation and get everyone safely to a designated area. These signs, like other fire exit route signs, are bright green to be eye-catching.
    • Photo-luminescent fire door signs so that these exits can be easily identified, either as an exit route during an emergency or to highlight the need to keep the closed at other times.
    • Fire extinguisher signs ensure that you stay compliant with UK fire safety regulations as it is imperative in an emergency that a fire extinguisher is easily located and accessed. There are also signs that detail the different types of fire extinguishers (foam, CO2, dry powder, wet chemical and water) and their specific situational uses, as well as when they should not be used to prevent further catastrophe.
    • Refuge point signs clearly signal to disabled people where a safe space is located so that they can safely wait for assistance out of the way of danger when needing to vacate the building.
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