Wound Dressings

Wound dressings are used primarily to cover and protect fresh injuries in which the skin is broken.

Wound dressings applied in a workplace setting may well be applied as a temporary measure while further first-aid and emergency supplies, or external medical care is sought. Even so, choosing the correct type of dressing will help greatly in allowing the healthy healing process of damaged tissue to begin, while greatly reducing the risk of contamination in the meantime.

What types of dressings are available and how are they used?

Most dressings are designed to be applied in direct contact with a wound - this is what most obviously distinguishes them from bandages. (Bandages are typically added as a secondary layer on top of a wound dressing, in order to hold the dressing in place and help support the injured area).

Many, though not all, of the dressings found in modern first-aid kits will be self-adhesive. This includes various types of plasters in a wide range of sizes with gauze or foam dressing pads incorporated, making them easy to apply quickly and tidily to an injured area. They provide cushioning and protection for the wound, both to prevent against further injury and to help keep the area clean.

  • Cloth dressings are sometimes sold on a roll for cutting to length, but are often supplied in a variety of pre-cut and individually packaged sizes; cloth conforms easily to injured body areas and is therefore a versatile option for most types of wound
  • Foam wound dressings are similarly versatile, but have the added benefit of being softer and more cushioned than basic cloth dressings, as well as being more absorbent; like cloth, they’re usually breathable, meaning that air can reach the wound while moisture is wicked away, promoting faster and more effective healing

Many of our pre-packed wound dressing kits also include handy plaster dispensers, making them even easier to grab quickly when required.

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