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    Arduino Compatible Boards & Kits

    Arduino single board computers and modules are the brains of your electronics projects. They contain all of the necessary microcontrollers and processors, alongside essential inputs and outputs. Arduino compatible boards and kits are designed to work alongside your Arduino SBC, to expand functionality and provide access to other exciting technologies. Some compatible modules will work alongside the board, while others conveniently mount on top of an Arduino, using headers. These are called shields.

    Other Arduino compatible boards will use the Arduino platform and work with the same expansion boards. Arduino compatible boards are not necessarily manufactured by Arduino, but the hardware is compatible.

    There are different version of Arduino, such as the Arduino UNO or the Arduino Due. It is important to ensure that the hardware you choose is compatible with your chosen Arduino model.

    Arduino projects:

    Using an expansion board alongside your Arduino board is the ideal combination for prototyping and developing designs. It allows you to expand the functionality of your board and integrate new technologies into your application. These technologies may include:

    • Sensors - Adding a sensor to your Arduino allows you to gather data from different parameters. For example, using temperature sensors or motion sensors. Touch boards are also available with resistive or capacitive touch sensing abilities.
    • Connectivity - Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi and NFC are popular Arduino expansions. They allow you to connect your Arduino to other devices using different wireless connectivity protocols. This is popular for IoT applications.
    • Prototyping - Enable easy and straight-forward prototyping with a shield designed to provide screw terminals or a breadboard.
    • Displays - There are a range of displays and cameras which can mount onto an Ardunio board for a visual interface or to capture photos.
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