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    Facom Worktops

    Worktops provide a solid and stable workspace for woodworkers, mechanics, hobbyists, repair workers, packers and many other applications. Worktops are most commonly made from either wood or metal, and within these two materials, a range of variations can be found. Within wooden worktops, both solid and plywood constructions are available as well as laminated particleboard.

    The type of material affects the durability and practicality of the worktop. For example, metal tops do not absorb liquid like wood, so are more suitable when working with oils and other liquids. Wooden worktops are ideal for general applications, for example, carpentry.

    Application specific benches may have certain additional features to make it more suited such as a woodwork bench may have a clamp built into the front edge for holding work. A welding bench may have a grid of holes suitable for use with table clamps and a garage workbench may have a pegboard-style backboard to hang basic tools up for ease of use and to provide a clean and tidy working environment.

    Worktops come in a range of sizes to suit either workbench frame kits or as a replacement top for an existing workbench, you may already have. Plywood worktops are suitable to be cut down if a fixed size is too big though cut edges should be treated to prevent from any moisture damage over time. Laminated particleboard worktops can also be cut through due to their construction it is not advised as the newly cut exposed edge will not have the plastic facing to protect it.

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